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If you have spent your entire life sleeping on an innerspring mattress and don’t know if you are quite ready to make the plunge into a memory foam mattress – then maybe a hybrid is right for you. That’s exactly what the 12″ Voila Hybrid Plush Mattress is – a hybrid between foam and innerspring. So here is my Voila mattress review


Voila Mattress Review



The way this mattress comes shipped is actually quite interesting. It’s a very tall and skinny box (that is super heavy). Make sure you have help getting it into your house and up any stairs. Unfortunately it was a little “beat up” when it arrived at my doorstep – the shipper forgot about the “handling” part I guess.

Voila Mattress Box

Overview of the Voila Mattress

The Voila Mattress is unique in that it comes in three different firmness levels – Firm, Medium, and Soft. Each size gets progressively taller. The Firm is 10″, the Medium is 11″ and the Soft (which I reviewed) is 12″ tall. If you are a picky sleeper and are looking for something other than a “one-size-fits-all” mattress, then one of these options might be worth looking into.

The Voila Mattress is unique in that it offer the “bounciness” of an innerspring mattress (through it’s unique steel pocket coils) with the soft feel of a memory foam or latex mattress.

Voila Mattress Composition


Voila Mattress Layers



This image above might seem daunting, but let’s break it down so you can understand it – above the layer of pocket coils, there are 3 layers of foam. The top layer is memory foam (what appears to be gel memory foam) followed by a layer of latex foam, then another layer of support foam. Under the layer of pocket coils is two layers of support foam.

A “Side” Note….Voila has reinforced the side of their mattresses with an edge support system. This added support will allow you to sit on the side of the bed with minimal sag. So if you tend to roll to the edge of your bed at night, it gives you the comfort to stay supported no matter where you sleep. This might also be nice if you tend to put your socks and shoes on while sitting on the side of your bed.

Sleeping with the Voila Mattress

I typically sleep on a memory foam mattress, so when I first laid down on the Voila Mattress, I was surprised at how “springy” this mattress felt. It’s been a while since I laid down on an innerspring mattress, so the feeling of the Voila was very refreshing. It almost reminded me of a pillow-top innerspring mattress but with a much softer and supportive top. The top layers of memory foam and latex foam were very easy to feel as I laid down on this mattress.


As I mentioned this mattress is available in 3 comfort levels (Firm, Medium, and Soft). I reviewed the 12″ Soft Voila mattress and after a 2 week trial I was pleasantly surprised by the support it provided. My back didn’t hurt when I woke up. But as I was attempting to fall asleep I was still able to feel pressure points in my body, forcing me to move around a bit more than normal. But the innerspring gave me a little extra “oomph” to roll on my stomach, side and back with ease. So I would say that regardless of the type of sleeper you are this bed allows you to be comfortable in any position. And if you and your partner disagree of firmness levels, I would recommend the happy Medium.

Motion Transfer

The one downside to any innerspring mattress is the poor motion transfer it offers. What this means is that when your partner moves – so do you. The motion from their movements transfer to the other side of the bed. The Voila mattress manages to keep motion transfer down, but not as good as other all-foam mattresses that I have tested.

Motion transfer can be good or bad, depending on who you sleep with and what you do in bed. If you and your partner vary in weight (one of you is “heavy” and one of you is “light”) then a mattress with a lot of bounce and motion transfer might not be a good option. The lighter person will almost always feel movement or vibration when the heavier person shifts throughout the night.

The Cover

Most people’s biggest complaint about a memory foam mattress is that they are too hot. The cover and type of foam really do make a difference. Voila uses a high-end breathable mesh side fabric that is meant to keep you cooler and allows air-flow to keep the mattress fresher.

Price and Considerations

Here are the prices for the king and queen size Voila Mattresses:

12″ Voila Hybrid Plush Mattress

Queen: $1,099
King: $1,299

11″ Voila Hybrid Medium Mattress

Queen: $899
King: $1,059

10″ Voila Hybrid Firm Mattress

Queen: $699
King: $829


Voila Mattress has a 10 year limited warranty.

Trial Period

Voila has a 100 night trial period as well an interesting exchange program. If you want to exchange your mattress for a different one that Voila offers, you can pay the difference in the cost of the mattress plus shipping and they will ship the new mattress to you. This is a very reassuring offer that Voila makes and should definitely make you feel comfortable about your purchase. This is especially nice if you’re torn between the different firmness levels in their mattresses.


Shipping is free and included in the price of your Voila.

Where it’s Made

If Made in the USA is important to you – then look away. The Voila Mattress is made in Shanghai, China. The company promises that the factory is family owned and is held to high standards of wage and workplace requirements, which is nice.

To purchase the Voila Mattress, head over to

  • Comfort: 8
  • Support: 8
  • Motion Transfer: 7
  • Materials & Quality: 9
  • Price Value: 9

This memory foam / spring mattress hybrid is very unique and one of few companies that produce this type of mattress

If you want a soft mattress - this is for you


Made in China - which can be a turnoff for some customers

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