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In early 2015, Yogabed launched their mattress as one of the early adopters to the bed-in-a-box industry. This week, I’m reviewing their yoga inspired mattress to see just how calming and peaceful this bed can make me. My Yogabed mattress review will walk you through some technical details of the bed and what I thought about it after sleeping on it for over 2 weeks.

Receiving the Mattress

This mattress was shipped directly to me via FedEx. The guys who shipped it certainly didn’t take it easy on this box. It weighs almost 100 pounds and was a chore to get it into the house. The mattress was super compressed though – it was very simple to take off the plastic and unroll it.

Yogabed Mattress Compressed

Mattress Composition

The Yogabed uses four different layers of foam in their 10 inch mattress. Why four different layers you ask? Well, their idea is that each layer does something different for your body – and when combined together, is supposed to provide a wonderful surface to sleep on. Here is how Yogabed describes each layer in their mattress:

  • 1 inch of Yoga Instant Response Foam – for pressure relief and comfort
  • 2 inches of Yogagel – designed to cushion and disperse deep compression while keeping things “cool and comfortable”
  • 6 inches of breathable foam base – which provides air-flow and support
  • 1 inch support base – which they don’t really talk about, but the name is pretty obvious

What is “Mattress Composition”?


Yogabed Mattress Layers


Since Yogabed is using the “yoga vibe” in their marketing, I would assume that their products should be good for you and for the environment. When I checked to make sure they were CertiPUR certified, they were! This is a good thing in case you’re not sure what that is – it means the foam they use in their mattress is safe for humans to sleep on – and is made with minimal damage to the environment.

The cover of the Yogabed mattress is very nice. Once I got the mattress out from it’s plastic encasing, the cover looked great, but the feel of it was just “ok”. The one great surprise of this mattress cover is how you can zip off the top of the cover and wash it! It’s so easy now that I don’t have to lift up the entire mattress in order to take off the cover and stick it in the washing machine. Kudos to them to for the design, though I honestly thought the fabric used would be more “yoga-like”.

Sleeping on the Yogabed

The first thing I noticed while lying on my back on the Yogabed was that it had a decent amount of sinkage for a memory foam mattress. It did “hug” me and provide some really nice comfort. The downside to this was that I couldn’t roll over too easily while on my back.

Sleeping on my side was not too bad, but I didn’t really enjoy how much I started to sink into the mattress. If I were a heavier person, I don’t think this mattress would be too comfortable. However, if I were lighter than say, 140 pounds I might really enjoy how much the Yogabed hugs your body.


I can honestly say that this is a comfortable mattress. My main concern would be for heavier people – maybe 200 pounds or more. If you don’t like a soft mattress, then this would not be for you. The “rebound” when you lay down on this mattress was not instant; meaning you can feel the top and second layer of the mattress slowly come back to it’s original position when you move around. I typically prefer a mattress with a faster recovery, however this all comes back to personal preference.

Overall, the comfort level was good, not great for someone that likes a mattress with a faster recovery. If you like mattresses that are a bit softer and give more hug, then this is a solid option.

Motion Transfer

This mattress definitely had great motion transfer – I couldn’t feel my husband moving during the night at all. However, I almost thought it went too far as I had to use more effort than I like in order to turn from one side to the other.

Price and Considerations

The pricing of the Yogabed is as follows (although they regularly offer coupon codes and discounts right on their website).

Twin: $574
Twin XL: $624
Full: $824
Queen: $874
King: $974
Cal King: $974


The ten year warranty on this mattress seems like an ecommerce industry standard. The Yogabed warranty page was pretty clear and easy to understand.

Trial Period

Yogabed offers a 365 night trial period! From what I have seen on the web, this is one of the only companies to offer this sort of trial period. If you want to return it, they will come and pick up the mattress at no charge to you. This should offer great peace of mind if you’re considering buying this mattress.


Shipping is free with this mattress and their website states they try to ship within two business days.

Check out to purchase this Yoga-inspired mattress.

  • Comfort: 8
  • Support: 7
  • Motion Transfer: 9
  • Materials & Quality: 8
  • Price Value: 8

365 Night Trial lets you really give this mattress a shot before committing


Decent amount of sinkage made this bed a bit soft

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