Tracking Your Sleep with the Polar A360 Fitness Tracker

Polar A360
3.0 StarsSleep Tracking at it’s Most Basic.
This sleek fitness tracker works great for physical activities, but lacks solid sleep tracking capabilities.

You may have heard of Polar if you are into running, cycling or other intense cardio sports. If not, then let us be the first to introduce you to this stylish and high-tech wearable company. Their main focus in the past was heart rate monitors. The advent of the smart watch and fitness trackers has moved them deep into this category. Today, we’re going to review one of their flagship products, the Polar A360 Fitness Tracker.

This fitness tracker basically looks like a big watch. It comes in three sizes and a variety of colors. One of the nicest features of this watch is the fact that it’s waterproof! Not many fitness trackers can make this claim – while at the same time tracking your heart rate. It has 24/7 tracking and a nice color touchscreen with an easy to read interface.

Let’s take a look at how this fitness tracker actually tracks your sleep.

Polar Screenshot

iPhone App Display

The image featured here is a screenshot of your sleep summary. You can see it gives you the total amount of time slept along with restful sleep and restless sleep. There really is no deep sleep or REM sleep tracking – which is a bit disappointing. There isn’t even a timeline of how your night actually went. Overall, we weren’t impressed with the information the app has given.


Looks Great / Comfortable
This fitness tracker wears like a comfortable watch – which isn’t too bad when wearing it to bed. We have certainly seen more uncomfortable fitness trackers than the Polar A360. It also looks like a great timepiece on your wrist.

Tracks Heart Rate
More and more fitness trackers are starting to track heart rate as well. Polar has been doing this for a long time, so if there was anyone to trust with a proper heart rate reading – it would be Polar.

Easy to Read and Understand App
The interface on the app and on the actual tracker itself is very clear and easy to read. If you have trouble with your vision, then you’ll love the large font sizes and clear graphics.


No In Depth Sleep Tracking
As we already noted, the only data on sleep is how much restful and how much restless sleep you got last night. We can’t see how and when we got that sleep, nor can we view any other detailed information on sleep.

The price tag for the Polar A360 is $199. Surely you will be able to find it on sale somewhere, but this tracker is one of the highest prices on the market.

No Nutrition Tracking
While this doesn’t exactly pertain to how this tracker tracks your sleep, most other fitness trackers allow you to input your food to give you a holistic view of your fitness, sleep and nutrition.

Overall, the Polar A360 does just an OK job of tracking your sleep. We hoped for more in-depth analytics on how your night is spent sleeping. The up-side is that this tracker and app provide a great way to view heart rate trends during your physical activities.

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