Tracking Your Sleep With Garmin’s VivoFit 2

Vivofit 2
4 StarsBattery life galore!
Never worry about running out of battery with this fitness tracker that wears like a watch and tracks your steps and sleep.

FitBit and Jawbone – these are two wildly popular fitness tracking devices you’ve probably heard of right? Oh and let’s not forget the Apple Watch either, or the whole slew of other brands on the market. But did you know that GPS company Garmin actually makes fitness trackers too? They’ve actually been on the market for quite some time now and their lineup consists of at least 5 different wrist-worn monitors. Today we’ll be reviewing the Vivofit 2 – a fitness and sleep tracker that is accompanied by a smartphone app.

Probably the most impressive thing about the Vivofit 2 is the battery life. Almost every other fitness tracker on the market requires you to charge your device every few days. Well, the Vivofit 2 lets you wear it for a full year without having to take it off! That’s right – the battery lasts for a full year. It’s almost like a normal wrist watch where the battery can be replaced once it dies. This feature right here was truly mind-blowing for me considering my experience with the Apple Watch and how it was always turning off due to low battery.

The design of the Vivofit 2 is nice as well. They get style points for making the device interchangeable with different wristbands. The top of the wristband is a little more bulky than other wrist trackers like the Jawbone UP and FitBit charge, but it stays on your wrist nice and snug. Another nice feature of the device is the actual time display on the unit. Some earlier model trackers don’t have the time, therefore leaving off a key function of actually wearing it on your wrist.

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Sleep Tracking

The Vivofit 2 is a pretty good sleep tracker overall. Wearing the wristband to bed is OK and comparable to wearing a very small rubber-banded watch to bed. The size can be adjusted which is nice so that it doesn’t feel too tight or too loose while moving around at night. However, if you’re weird about wearing anything like this when you sleep, then it will still feel awkward.

Vivofit 2 App Details The app that accompanies the Vivofit 2 has a clean interface and tracks two cycles of sleep: deep and light. It has several bar charts and graphs that display the amount of time spent in deep and light sleep. It does not track REM sleep, which is very tough to track when it comes to sleep trackers worn on your wrist – but it does track your movement throughout the night. It seemed to be pretty accurate as I also used a non-invasive sleep tracker in conjunction with the Vivofit 2.

What’s most interesting to note when looking at the app and analyzing your sleep is the times and intervals at which you go from light sleep to deep sleep. Most sleep experts say that you go through about three cycles each night from light sleep to deep sleep to REM sleep.

The app also gives you a nice overview of the sleep you’ve had within the past week. This is a great feature if you’re trying to improve the way you sleep through new techniques, pillows, bedding, etc.

Compared to Other Sleep Trackers

Overall, the Vivofit 2 is a nice piece of technology and solid fitness tracker. The biggest advantage this has over other trackers like the Jawbone or Fitbit is the incredible amount of battery it has. There is never a need to plug it into the wall. You’ll never need another charger for this tracker which means you’ll never forget to bring it with you when you travel! I have yet to see it run down on battery life, so that will be interesting to see.

To buy the Vivofit you can go to most stores that sell high end electronics like Best Buy, or just go to the Garmin website and buy it online.

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