Three Reasons to Start Sleeping on Your Side Today

There is no question how vital sleep is for everyone, and the benefits of a good night’s rest are astonishing. However, the side you sleep on is a key element of those benefits. According to Ayurveda principles, the right and left side of the body are quite unique, which illustrates why you might frequently suffer from pain on one side of your body, but not the other.

Dr. John Douillard, a sleep expert, as elaborated on this Ayurveda theory with an eye-opening rationale as to why sleeping on your left side is most advantageous.

Here are a few advantages of sleeping on your left side:

It promotes heart health

Your heart will reap the rewards of sleeping on your left side. The aorta (the primary artery that brings blood rich in oxygen from the heart to your whole body) turns to the left and travels down to the abdomen area. When you’re resting on your left side, the heart pumps downward, and gravity makes your heart’s job simpler.

It aids your lymphatic system

The lymphatic system are circulatory organs and tissues that eliminate toxins, waste, and other undesired components from your body. It also works in unison with your immune system to fight off infections. The lymph culverts by muscular contractions. Gravity comes to the assist when you rest on your left side.

It’s helps your digestion

Research has shown that sleeping on your left side alleviates heartburn, while those who sleep on their right side have higher levels of acid. Once again, gravity comes to the rescue when you rest on your left side, as food is easily able to convey from the large intestine and towards the colon. The pancreas and stomach are better hung in this position as well.
There are several more advantages of sleeping on your left side. Women who are pregnant find it most beneficial to sleep on the left side for maximum blood flow to the fetus. It helps circulation, and stops the uterus from pressuring the liver too much. Back pain can also be eased by sleeping on the left side. As opposed to resting on your stomach and back, sleeping with your legs together while laying on either side diminishes back pain, as pressure on your spine is reduced. Sleep experts also suggest keeping a pillow placed between your legs to maintain the alignment of your spine.
If you have difficulty sleeping on your left side, try placing a pillow behind your back to stop your body from rolling over.

With all this in mind, for the most part, experts are in agreement that the best position to sleep in is the one you’re most comfortable with.

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