Sleeping in the Buff – Good or Bad?

This question comes up a lot. And it’s an easy one to answer: it’s good if it makes you sleep better. 

Of course there is much to consider when sleeping in the nude. Things like, “will my mother in law see me in the middle of the night when I get up to use the washroom?” Or “will my children be scared for life after seeing me sleep walk throughout the house while naked?” 

All important questions 🙂

Doctors and sleep experts seems to say that being uninhibited while sleeping is the way to go. This doesn’t mean you need to go commando though – if you find it satisfying to sleep while in your undies, then that’s great too. So long as comfort takes priority.

Other things to think about – hygiene, your partner’s hygiene, nosy roommates, animal mishaps at 3am, cats sleeping in your bed (cats are evil by the way), temperature of your room, and last but not least – do you live with your parents?

If you can answer those questions then that should guide you in the right direction towards finding out if you should sleep nude or not.

We never think that one embarrassing moment won’t happen – until it does. 

The Mattress Mom


After having my first child and losing a tremendous amount of sleep I decided to do something about it. Through months of research and conversations with sleep and mattress experts, I am here to share my knowledge. I am now obsessed with sleep and everything surrounding it!

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