by Jenn Parks January 25, 2017 2 min read

If you’re trying to catch up on sleep or just looking for a way to relax, a nap can be very beneficial. Even a short nap has been shown to improve performance overall. We put together a list of 10 products that are designed to give you your best nap yet.

1. Breo iSee4 Wireless Digital Eye Massager with Heat Compression and Music

This portable and foldable eye massager relaxes muscles and improves blood circulation by massaging the ocular part of the head. It is designed to relieve eye strain, dry eyes, sinus pressure and headaches. This massager also claims it can help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

2. Ostrich Pillow

You might be thinking – isn’t this in competition with the HIBR Pillow? Well, not really once you look at this strange invention. The ostrich pillow is made of flexible fabric and micro balls and is great for blocking out light when you just want to catch some sleep at the office. It even includes convenient hand pockets to help you relax. Available on Amazon.

3. Inflatable Car Mattress

Although it is not considered safe to sleep in your car, sometimes you have no choice. Why not be prepared with an inflatable car mattress? Available here.

4. Eye Mask Napping Pillow

If you want to avoid the funny looks from using Ostrich pillow, try this oversized eye mask. You may rest your head on your desk or just lean back against the wall behind you. The back support cushions your neck while the comfortable front eye pillow blocks out sunlight. Available here.

5. Privacy Pop Bed Tent

In comparison to high-tech nap pods, the Pop Tent is a relatively inexpensive way to get some privacy. It can be purchased to fit most mattress sizes and is easy to set up and take down. It also includes mesh windows which allow in ample airflow and light. Available here.

6. Snuggie Blanket

If you love the idea of wearing a Snuggie but aren’t quite sure you’d like to be seen wearing one, you may be interested in the Snuggie Blanket. It’s just as comfortable but can easily be removed like any other blanket. Available here.

7. Emergency Blanket

It may not be as fancy as the snuggie blanket, but an emergency blanket is great for camping trips. You can get 2 for about $5 to always be prepared. Also handy for Thanksgiving dinner in case you run out of tin foil. Available here.

8. Crash Sack

The Crash Sack is a big upgrade from an emergency blanket and perfect for a nap on the go. This wearable bag will even keep you warm in temperatures as low as 45°F. And the biggest perk is that you can look as cool as this guy right here. Available at REI.

9. MetroNaps

EnergyPod For the ultimate nap experience, MetroNaps has created the EnergyPod. These are designed for the workplace and feature the perfect combination of comfort and technology. Now your office can rival the perks available at Google. Available here.

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