by Jenn Parks October 01, 2015 2 min read

After making the decision to go on a diet, you do some research and figure out all the key foods to be eating. You think you have the list mastered: vegetables – check, fruit – check, chicken breasts – check, egg whites – check – what more do you need?

Many people who are using fat loss diets eat a plan far more restricted than it needs to be. While you certainly can’t go in for a slice of pizza or stop for a burger on the way home and expect to lose weight, you can definitely eat a variety of foods and enjoy the weight loss process.

Let’s take a closer look at four unsuspecting weight loss foods you may be overlooking.


First up is salmon. You may have originally cut this one out because it’s much higher in calorie content than say a chicken breast or egg whites. But, the calories are good calories. Salmon provides a high quality source of lean protein and in addition to that, also provides a strong dose of healthy omega-3 fatty acids.

It’s these fatty acids that contribute the extra calories, but at the same time, they also help boost fat burning. Omega-3 fats can increase insulin sensitivity levels, which then means your body can better utilize the carbohydrates you feed it. The end result? You get leaner.

Greek Yogurt

Next, it’s time to bring back the dairy. Unless you happen to have lactose intolerance, adding dairy to your diet can be a good thing. You just need to choose wisely.

Opt for a yogurt that is rich in protein and low in sugar and saturated fat. Greek yogurt fits the bill perfectly. In fact, those that eat high-calcium, high-protein dairy products on their diet tend to show superior fat burning capabilities, losing more total fat from their midsection.

If you want lean abs, dairy is a must.


Most dieters who want to lose fat fast immediately start cutting carbohydrates out of the picture. Again, this is a big mistake. Not all carbs are bad. Sure, you do need to watch how much you eat and the source, but carbohydrates will help improve your overall energy level and metabolic rate.

And, as far as carbs go, you can’t get much better than a hearty bowl of oatmeal. Oatmeal is a high volume carbohydrate, meaning you can eat a large amount of it for few calories. This makes it more filling, which in turn allows you to stay satisfied on your diet longer without feeling deprived.

Just be sure to purchase the unsweetened oatmeal varieties and sweeten it yourself.


Finally, last but not least, don’t shun bananas any longer. While they are one of the highest calorie fruits, they are rich in potassium, which is great for those who are exercising.

Since a good exercise program should be a part of any fat loss plan, bananas can work ideal for a before workout snack or immediately post workout.

So don’t cut these foods out any longer. They can and should be a part of a regular healthy weight loss diet.

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