The Best Sleeping Position

When it comes to sleeping positions everyone is a little different. If you ever wondered if certain positions are better than others you’re not alone. In fact, it does matter the way we sleep – it affects our mood, posture and even our motivation level. The good news is that sleeping positions are learned habits, you can retrain your body to sleep in a better position.

So which positions are the best? Let’s break them down and see which sleeping position our bodies prefer and how we can change our sleeping habits for the better.

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The Stomach

Of the most common sleeping positions, sleeping on your stomach is by far the worst. The reason is because it forces you to twist your spine and neck all night long. It also puts immense pressure on your back, compressing your vertebrae and increasing back pain.

The Fix: Grab a T-Shirt with a chest pocket. Put a tennis ball in that pocket so that you won’t rollover on your chest.

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The Side (w/ Legged Bent Up)

This position is one of the most popular of all the positions but the worst when it comes to back pain. When you sleep on your side with a leg bent up towards your chest your spine and pelvis are constantly twisted all night long.

This position is sort of a “double edged sword” – it helps elevate tight muscles but actually promotes back problems because of all the twisting.

The Fix: Secure your legs together. Grab a scarf and secure your legs together so that you can’t bend one leg forward. Make sure to not tie the scarf so tight that you cut off the circulation in your legs 🙂

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The Back

One of the best positions you can sleep in as long as you keep your legs straight. If your legs begin to bend you risk putting too much stress on your pelvis and lower back.

Be mindful of how your legs are positioned – you don’t want to flare them open either, this puts added stress on the hip joints.

The Fix: Stick a pillow under your calfs near your ankles. This will help elevate your legs and help them stay in position.

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The Side (w/ Legs Together)

The best way to sleep (in terms of aligning your body / spine) is on your side with your legs together. This sleeping position is associated with the fetal position and along with matching how our bodies were built it also calms the nervous system.

Bonus: If you want to take this position to the next level you can place a pillow between your knees, which will further align your pelvis and spine.

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Improve your sleeping position and upgrade your sleep tonight.

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After having my first child and losing a tremendous amount of sleep I decided to do something about it. Through months of research and conversations with sleep and mattress experts, I am here to share my knowledge. I am now obsessed with sleep and everything surrounding it!