3 Health Benefits of Sleep

Sleep is essential for life. However, half of Americans do not get enough sleep every night, and most of them are doing nothing to change that. At HIBR, we want everyone to realize the power of a good night’s sleep with our innovative foam mattress. Here are just some of the many benefits of sleeping well:

Improve your memory

Research shows that sleep has a big impact on our memory. When we learn new information, in order for it to stick, it is crucial that we sleep well. Sleep works to consolidate our memories because our brain makes connections between neurons while we are asleep. This may explain why it is necessary for babies to sleep for so many hours of the day; their brains are working overtime with all of the new skills they are learning. If you want to improve your memory, a good night’s sleep can help.

Elevate your mood

Sleep has an undeniable impact on your mood; anyone who has experienced cranky mornings with a sleepy teenager can tell you that. But studies also show that sleeping less is associated with anxiety, mood disorders, and lower self-esteem. Getting enough sleep makes regulating moods much easier.

Better your immunity

Not getting sufficient sleep weakens your immune system. A recent study showed that people who slept less than seven hours per night were nearly three times more likely to catch the common cold. Sleeping more can help you fight off viruses more easily.

For all the benefits of an amazing night’s sleep, try the most comfortable mattress you can buy. Shop our foam mattress here today.

The Mattress Mom


After having my first child and losing a tremendous amount of sleep I decided to do something about it. Through months of research and conversations with sleep and mattress experts, I am here to share my knowledge. I am now obsessed with sleep and everything surrounding it!

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